HealthEd Connect empowers women and children through evidence-based health, education, and advocacy programs.

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Mirriam, "The Boss"OUR BOSS

Mirriam Is Who We Work For!

Mirriam had only to gaze up at us with her big brown eyes and we knew our lives would never be the same.  We met her when she was two years old, HIV positive, and facing an uncertain future.  She’s not unlike the other 12 million AIDS orphans in SubSahara Africa.

Mirriam’s now our ‘boss’.   If you’d like to meet her, click on ‘The Boss’ and see if you’d like to work for her too.


Helping People Is What We Do!

HealthEd Connect builds on a solid foundation of 20 years of experience with volunteer Community Health Workers who are directly involved with the families and special needs in their villages. Many of these villages are now facing incredible challenges as the number of orphaned children, primarily due to HIV/AIDS, has grown dramatically and the typical surviving caregiver is an aging grandmother who has lost both her husband and children. Going forward, HealthEd Connect will remain flexible and adaptive by connecting villagers and their leaders to expanding visions of possibilities, targeted training, and access to resources.

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Mother's Day

SistersThis Mother's Day, give a gift so powerful its full impact can't be measured or known. Give a meaningful gift to honor a mother you love and at the same time extend her inspiring love to children who desperately need it.

Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Make a donation to HealthEd Connect on-line, or by mail.
    To donate by mail: Just send us your check along with a note specifying the name of the mother you wish to honor (see address above).
    To donate on-line: Click the Donate Now button.
    NOTE: please specify Honored Mother/Woman as the Purpose of Gift
    return to this page and CLICK THIS LINK to enter the name of the person you wish to honor.
  2. Watch for the person's name to appear in the banner on this page
    (this may take a day or two, while notification of your donation is received).
  3. Tell the person you have honored about your gift in their name.
    Send an email message to your honoree, OR
    Print a beautiful color message to mail, OR
    Just honor them with your memories. (There have been so many in the past that honored loved ones who had died that we want to acknowledge this mode of giving.)


Congratulation Graduates!

GAP Group bigger What a saucy, self-confident looking group! And they have every reason to feel that way! These girls are orphans or vulnerable children from our Chipulukusu Young Peace Maker School who are high academic achievers and received scholarships to proceed to the 8th grade. Many cried when they were informed about the scholarships believing their school days were over. They have dreams like girls the world over -- some want to be accountants, others teachers, and one a nurse. The scholarships put them one step closer to realizing their dreams.

These girls were all participants in the Girls Achievement Program (GAP), an afterschool program for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders focused on providing life-skills and enrichment activities to encourage girls to stay in school. Their favorite recent activity? Cooking a meal together and, eating with knives and forks for the first time rather than the Zambian traditional way of eating with fingers.


Schedule of Upcoming Events: Where We Will Be

Nepal — March 2016

Nepal site visit
Michelle Mahlik, Barb and Vern Brock, Diane, Erin, and Mike Hawkins, Emily Shields, Jac and Sherri Kirkpatrick
A team, led by board member Michelle Mahlik, was on site in Kathmandu, Nepal in March training new health workers. We doubled the size of our team with 24 health workers now trained. What an energetic group! Some make home visits in their communities, some visit children's hospitals, while others work with children living on the streets. Future goals include launching sustainable rebuilding programs, such as latrines, in the rural villages.


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Chipulukusu School
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